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As the weather is getting cooler, we've put together a handy hints and tips guide to make installation of Millboard decking in colder temperatures (below 10ºc) seamless.

You should always follow the usual installation guide (available here), a few extra points to note are listed below:

• Do not try to force the boards apart if they are frozen together, as this could potentially damage the surface coating. To save the boards from being stuck together, the boards need to be laid out or kept in a location that won’t freeze.

• Take care when inserting the Durafix fixings through the surface, in colder temperatures the surface may not cover over the screws

• When fixing into Plas-Pro, due to it being a denser material, this may cause the board to jack up when fixing. It may be necessary to drive the fixing in ¾ of the way, undo it to ½ way then fully fix in to 5mm below the surface. This should reduce the board jack up effect.

• When butting the boards together over a joist make sure there is a 1mm gap at butt joints, therefore if there is any contraction of the boards in the summer months any larger gap at the butt joint is minimalised.

• If the flexible edging and/or fascia profiles are being used on a curve, these work best when they are at room temperature (around 20°c). Therefore, it is best if these are kept indoors before being fitted.

• If mitres are being glued with PU wood glue, make sure you abide by the working temperatures that the glue states. This may involve heating the profiles and glue to the correct temperatures before bonding, or bonding the materials inside until the joint is fully cured.

• Like any surface, the boards will be slippery when they have frost on them. Frost can be removed by lightly spreading white salt (not rock salt) over the boards, this can be washed off with soapy water and a brush once the weather warms up.

• Snow can be removed from the boards with a stiff broom, or with a plastic snow shovel – please note a metal or metal faced shovel could damage the board surface.

• If Plas-Pro is being used for the subframe, be aware that being plastic they can become brittle in the cold. Therefore, in addition to the 8mm relief hole a 5mm pilot hole should be used when using the 6.3x90mm hexhead screws, keep the fixing 10-15mm from the outer edge – to help prevent the edges of the Plas-Pro breaking off.

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