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Safe and secure: Millboard’s virtually non-slip decking

Many people will have experienced how slippery wooden decks can get when it has rained. And it isn’t just wet weather that poses a hazard: algae and fungal growths can make the surface even more treacherous. Thanks to its timber content, even conventional composite decking is not immune from these problems. However, Millboard decking is far from a conventional composite. It is made from an entirely wood-free material – and it’s as close to non-slip decking as money can buy.

Looks like wood, but is so much safer

Our decking is formed from a unique resin/mineral composite. It has no wood content at all, so there is nothing to encourage algal or fungal growth. On top of that, every board is topped with an anti-slip Lastane® coating that has tremendous non-slip performance (and is also very easy to clean – food and drink spills can simply be wiped away).

As well as being safer than wood, Millboard decking won’t rot, split or warp. Nor does it need repeated treatments to keep it in shape – just a simple wipe over with standard household cleaners will do the job.

So Millboard decking is much more user-friendly than its timber equivalent. But what it keeps is the one thing everyone loves about wood: its natural look. Moulded from carefully selected oak samples and coloured by hand, our decking’s grain and colouring make it almost indistinguishable from real timber.

Independently tested

When it comes to safety regulations, Millboard’s virtually non-slip decking passes independent tests, easily surpassing the British Standard Institute’s and Health and Safety Executive’s guidelines. In the wet, especially, it significantly out-performs any wood or wood-composite decking.

The ultimate in non-slip decking

While all of Millboard’s decking has excellent anti-slip performance, for areas where safety is paramount we offer Lasta-Grip®. This retains the same authentic wood look of all our products, but has a textured surface to offer the ultimate in slip resistance, without the rough feel of conventional gritted strip boards.

A complete, high-performance decking system

Millboard’s decking is backed up by accessories that match its performance. Our Plas-Pro sub frame system and self-levelling supports are simple to work with, while various edging options, all incorporating the same natural wood-grain, ensure your deck has the perfect finish. If you’d rather leave your deck’s construction to experts, we have a network of approved installers to call on.

If you’re looking for safe, virtually non-slip decking that doesn’t sacrifice looks to achieve its performance, you’ll find it here at Millboard. Take a look at the different styles and colours we offer and order your free samples. You’ll soon be on your way to having your dream deck.

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