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Millboard hot tub smoke oak

The country is continuing to embrace the trend for outdoor entertainment – a fact demonstrated by hot tubs, pools, spas and saunas selling out across the country!

It stands to reason that if you have recently invested in a hot tub or spa, you’ll want to give it the best foundations. By providing a stable and suitable base, you’ll protect your new purchase from damage and enable your family to more safely enjoy what it has to offer.

Hot tubs work best with a fully level base, and their filters operate more effectively if they don’t get blocked up with grass and other small articles of garden debris. Millboard decking addresses both of these issues, offering a firm and waterproof foundation that is simple to maintain. As Millboard decking is so easy to clean, you can wipe it down in seconds, preventing the transfer of soil or grit into the tub.

Additionally, our boards offer enhanced slip-resistance, giving you peace of mind as you get in or out of the tub.

And of course, our premium products all look beautifully natural, come in a wide range of colours and won’t rot or split like real timber would!

So why not browse our gallery to get some garden inspiration today? If you’d like more information, contact our friendly team on 02476439943 or email us on

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