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Antique Oak’s natural, warm hues are similar to the tones of tropical hardwood and the appearance is reminiscent of attractively aged flooring. Antique Oak boasts more tonal variation per individual board than any of the other colours in the Millboard range, providing a beautiful and organic look.

Thanks to the traditional, aged tones, Antique Oak creates a fabulous historic look that is perfectly suited to many different property types. To style your Antique Oak deck, keep up with the traditional theme and accessorise your deck with natural fibres in neutral colours. Choose interesting textures and neutral hues that will complement the warm, earthy tones of Antique Oak, such as cream cushioned seats to offer a beautiful contrast to the darker shades of the deck.

Millboard Antique Oak pergola

For a splash of colour, look for traditional shades such as burgundy, navy or a deep loden green, all offering a regal touch to complement the traditional colours of the deck.

For entertaining, create a modern feel and add a cream outdoor rug to add a cosy feel to the space. You could even bring your inside potted plants out to create a tropical feel, using large, green leafed plants such as monstera.

How do you style your Antique Oak deck? We would love to see. Send your photos in to for a chance to feature!

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