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Garden jobs Jan 2

New year, new garden? January is the perfect time to choose a new planting scheme for 2021. Think back to last months gardening jobs and assess what grew well and any changes you’d like to make to your planting arrangement, as it’s an ideal opportunity to decide what seeds you would like to buy for the year ahead.

If you haven’t already done so, you can also cut up your Christmas tree and add it to the compost heap.

It’s also time to think ahead to spring! Survey your equipment and make sure you have everything to hand. Clean up any pots and equipment and give your garden mower a service in preparation for the months ahead.

Annie spratt Ki PZ Mg G U Dg unsplash
January is the perfect time to decide a new planting scheme for 2021...

This month, apple and pear trees will benefit from removal of any dead and decaying leaves and branches – they are still dormant at the moment, so this will ensure they have the best start. Gooseberries, blackcurrants and redcurrants can also be pruned back.


Remember to nurture the wildlife in your garden this winter. Keep the birds fed, as the cold winter months mean they need more food to keep warm. Due to the freezing temperatures, the ground is also too hard for birds to find critters to eat like they would in the warmer months.

Items such as seeds and nuts, cooked rice, dried fruit and grated cheese are all tasty offerings the birds in your garden will enjoy. Uncooked oats are also a welcome addition. Don’t forget to offer them water too, but first give your bird feeders and bird tables a good scrub to remove any mould or algae.

Boost your mood this month and take part in RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch, running from 29th – 31st January and enjoy an hour with nature. This annual event has been running for four decades and is the largest garden wildlife citizen science project.

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