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The versatile and user-friendly subframe support system

The DuoLift® joist pedestal system was designed to make installation significantly easier and to ensure successful outcomes. Providing substantial height flexibility within four stackable components, DuoLift® removes the common problem of having to order varying height pedestals for a single area. Height-adjustable from 0.5", DuoLift™ makes accurate height-setting easy, and is self-levelling from 1.3" upwards.

With DuoLift®, you can quickly achieve a level support system that won’t rot, split or host algae. DuoLift®’s range of feet, pedestals, risers and cradles are even suitable for use in damp environments.

“An excellent solution. It’s stable, technically advanced and superior in every way.”

Stephen McAllister, Approved Installer
an image of millboard components and materials
DuoLift Joist Cradle 0.59-2.36 inch

Providing an exceptional height range of 1.7", from 0.5-2.3", the DuoLift® Joist Cradle enables precision height adjustment with 0.2" markings on the side and each quarter turn of the adjustment ring representing a 0.04" rise or fall. The Joist Cradle allows the installer to adjust the height whilst the joist is in place, locking tabs provide a secure finish once correct height has been determined.

an image of millboard components and materials
DuoLift Self-Levelling Joint 0.79 inch

Adding 0.7" to the height of the supports, the DuoLift® Self-levelling Joint provides easy and effective levelling of a subframe up to 5º, ready for decking installation. Suitable for standing directly onto a solid substrate, or for providing a joint for a higher support.

an image of millboard components and materials
DuoLift Riser 1.77 inch

The Riser component of the DuoLift® system increases the height in increments of 1.7". It is capable of sitting directly onto a solid substrate under the Joist Cradle and Self-Levelling Joint or forming part of a higher stack with a foot beneath.

an image of millboard components and materials
DuoLift Joist Foot 1.77 inch

The DuoLift® Foot provides a very stable footing for more elevated subframes, raising the height by 1.7" and spreading the load further across the substrate, due to the 8.6" base supporting a maximum combined height of 13.7".

an image of millboard components and materials
DuoLift Acoustic Separation Pad 0.12 inch Agglomerated cork and recycled rubber pads offer a layer of protection between joist supports and membranes, as well as providing an acoustic benefit.

Simple stackability for height flexibility

Multiple height combinations from four sturdy components. With a selection of components on site, installation delays can be avoided.

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