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Pedestals for podium decks and terraces

Most decking projects would require a support system to raise the terrace to meet the internal floor level. There are many adjustable pedestal systems available to help with projects like this. Most of them rely on a collar under the head as means of adjustment, with the head fixed to the thread. This means that the head follows the fall of the roof, with the decking being to a lesser fall, or near level, thus creating a pressure point on the pedestal head which can be transferred through the pedestal and onto the roof membrane.

An alternative pedestal would be one that has a ‘self-levelling’ head to get round high pressure points being unnecessarily created. A self-levelling pedestal ensures that the decking joist (or paving) remains level on the pedestal head and prevents unnecessary bounce or rocking of the joist or paving. Considerations should also be given to the size and rigidity of the pedestal base, to ensure low pressure points on the roof membrane.

With Millboard’s adjustable pedestals, their smart design allows pipe work and services to be laid beneath the boards, while also improving breathability and preventing rot. The weight of the joists is spread evenly, creating a sturdy support, and they’re available in incremental adjustable sizes from 300 up to 600mm tall, giving you complete control of the height of the area.

Number per m2*
Residential 5.0
Commercial 8.0

* Approx number – quantities may vary according to project design.

In addition, our adjustable joist cradles are the ideal foundation when laying Millboard on hard surfaces. The cradles also have an acoustic benefit to help reduce the sound transfer.

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