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Dining Al Fresco Millboard Hero

It’s that time of the year when families are drawn to their gardens, and nothing says summer more than eating outdoors.

You might have outdoor cooking facilities, such as barbecues or clay pizza ovens, but if that’s not the case, you can easily set a dining area up outside and carry your food out from the kitchen. All you’ll need is a table, some chairs and a flat area to lay it all out on.

Millboard decking provides the perfect base for socialising outdoors, given its slip and stain-resistant properties. And alongside those functional benefits, it also looks beautifully natural with its authentic wood grain, adding to the ambience of your set-up. Explore the range here.

What to serve?

We’ve all been missing our favourite summer activities, but by putting together a themed evening, you can help to give your family a little of what they love.

Consider what you would normally be doing at this time of year. Would you be hitting the beach bar in the Caribbean, glamping in Cornwall, or simply tucking into a burger in your local beer garden? Whatever your preference, let that inform the staple of your evening – the refreshments.

If you’d rather be somewhere tropical right now, take your inspiration from seafood, fresh fruits and cocktails. But if you’d rather go with British pub fare, think of the hearty classics – pies, chips, Ploughman’s platters and, of course, jugs of ale, wine and juice.

Setting the scene

Create an enticing garden hideaway with bunting, Moroccan lamps, fairy lights and candles. If you have a water feature that attracts biting insects, citronella candles are actually a great natural repellent and can help your family to have a more comfortable evening.

Whatever you do, we’d love to hear about it. If you’ve taken some inspiring photographs of your outdoor dining space, send them to and we’ll do a follow-up post showing off the best!

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